Are you allergic to Wifi?In a bizarre new string of allergies that are sprouting up, people may find themselves to be ‘electrosensitive’, or in simple – allergic to Wifi. For most of us who are dependent on Wifi to the brink of existence – this spells eminent doom. One such individual who is one of a growing number of people who identify themselves as being ‘electrosensitive’ (allergic’ to low electromagnetic fields, like the kind produced by mobile phones and Wifi) is 58 year old Guy Hudson.

Ironically, Guy’s life savings were made owing to a job as an IT consultant, but later did he realize that the constant headaches that he had been having for the past 8 years was due to a larger reason. The headaches had at one stage developed into 24/7 debilitating pain and he was forced to give up his work as an IT consultant.This was when he stumbled across a condition called ‘electro-hypersensitivity’ (EHS), and Guy realized that his headaches would aggravate with every instance that he used the phone. But it was when he had WiFi installed – and his symptoms noticeably worsened – that he was convinced!

The first findings of electro-sensitivity date back to the 1970’s but only recently has there been valid information being put out with the rapid increase in number of such cases. It shows that people are being overly dependant on Wifi and unknowingly putting themselves under strain both physically and mentally. As electromagnetic radiation is harmful, there are far more risks now than 40 years ago, thanks to the telecommunications industry.

More than a billion people worldwide own mobile phones and it is only growing in number. Cosmos, a 30-year, five-nation study carried by Dr Mireille Toledano runs  into the effects of telecoms radiation on humans. She knows how rapidly things are changing. In 2000, a 10 year old study linking cell phones and brain tumour pegged heavy use at 30 minutes a day. The study found the 90th percentile had spent 1,640 hours of their lives on their phones.

The problem, in clinical terms, is that “hypersensitivity” refers either to allergies or to auto-immune conditions, but in real-life as seen in Guy’s case – it can be a dreadful disease in its own.