Campaigners in Britain warn against cellphones being used as Babysitting device for 5 year oldsAfter finding out that one out of 10 kids in Britain are given a mobile phone by the time they reach five, the health groups in the UK are calling it a ‘ticking time bomb’ which will lead to a disaster in the coming years. According to statistics, kids carrying cell phones below the age of five amount to more than 1 million in Britain.

The parents say that they are providing cell phones to their kids just for the sake of their entertainment or emergency situations. Though people have been warned about the potential dangers of using smart phones, from an early age for long periods of time by the Department of Health. UK’s senior medical specialists claim that cell phones should be used less often and for shorter durations by those under 16 years of age.

The critics have found a solid evidence, that link between cell phone radiation with risk of brain tumors is of higher percentage in youngsters. The Powerwatch health group representative Graham Lamburn talked on this subject with the Daily Mail newspaper, “The very idea of letting children have mobile phones at the age of five is very irresponsible. We have the greatest body of evidence to demonstrate that mobile phone radiation is a brain tumour risk for adults. If that is the case, children are almost definitely at a greater risk.” He also said, “Giving mobile phones to children represents an enormous experiment in terms of their health. We won’t see anything in children for ten years, but this could very easily be a ticking time-bomb.”

According to ongoing research, long term cell phone use increases the risks of brain tumor among adults by 250%. The chances for children increase by 500%.