Lloyd Morgan has more than 38 years  of industrial experience as an electronics engineer, he is a member of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, and also a scientific advisor for EM Radiation Research and a senior research fellow of the Environmental Health Trust and a brain tumour survivor.

During his lecture he presents many research study results, and positive results  for brain cancer were obtained with both industry funded and industry independent  studies, after 10 years of regular cellphone use. He goes onto reveal some shocking results from these studies which were done on children and adults. Adults who use cellphones regularly have a 50% increase in risk of getting brain cancer, whereas in children this risk is an astounding 420%. We also see that cordless phones are almost similar to cellular phones in their ability to cause brain cancer.

And predictably, when industry independent Hardell studies were compared to industry dependent Interphone studies, the Interphone studies always show a lower risk.

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