The Swedish neuro-oncologist, Leif Salford says that we might not know it, but we are a part of an unauthorized experiment- “the largest biological experiment ever.” Cell phones are a form of high-powered microwave transmitters, yet we keep them close to our body.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are generated by mobile phones, while electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is emitted by them. All the current electronics are using this feature and they make use of alternating current (AC) power or wireless communication. Every device emits different amounts of radiation, having distinct characteristics.

It may take years for the health effects of EMF exposure to show and may range from various types of cancers to Alzheimer’s disease. This is the experiment that we are all part of and we do not know how many years it will take before we could see the results of this experiment. While we continue to wait for the results, we could be subjected to the health risks of EMF. The debate over the dangers of EMF has two sides. The scientists believe that precautionary measures should be taken to reduce the dangers. Whilst, others believe that evidence is required before decisions are made about taking any kind of action. These include representatives of the industries who fear the loss of profits because of reduced purchase and use of electronic devices, so they promote the use of such devices.

The industry has been successful in its efforts at promoting the use of EMF generation technologies at a large scale, all over the world. However, there are other sources of EMF too, including the power grid. It generates the maximum level of EMF which affects every person living in America and also 75% of the world population. In this era, we are exposed to electromagnetic radiation almost constantly 24/7.

The bioeffects as a result of EMF exposure are still being studied and are in the initial stages of being identified. Right now it is difficult to determine what amounts of exposure (e.g. 20 minutes of daily mobile phone use for 10 years) can cause a specific disease (e.g. Cancer). The scientists are also unable to identify the level of EMF exposure that is considered ‘safe’.

One thing that science is sure of is that every living being is affected by all types of electromagnetic radiation. Science has come up with a lot of bioeffects that stem from EMF exposure. It has been discovered that EMF is responsible for damaging DNA and causing gene mutations. This is the first step towards the development of cancers and calls for changes in safety standards. Such DNA damage can occur from the level of radiation that is emitted by something as trivial as a cell phone.

According to a number of separate studies, the risk of specific brain tumours increases by two to three times when exposed to EMF from mobile phones for several years. The risk of developing a tumour on that side of the head where the cell phone is used, for people who have used cell phones daily for 10 years or more, is as high as 240%, as discussed in a review that took an average of the data from 16 studies. According to an Israeli study, people with a cell phone use of at least 22 hours a month have a 50 % chance of developing cancers of the salivary gland. Between 1970 and 2006, Israel has experienced a four times increase in these types of tumours. Cancer rates were found to be three times higher amongst those people living within 400m of a mobile phone transmission tower for a period of 10 years or more, compared to those who were living farther away.  EMF, including power frequencies and radio frequencies have been designated as a potential cause of cancer by the World Health Organization.