Cell Site's Radiation Draws Attention of Kashmiri LegislatorsThe Committee on Environment (CE) of Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly (J&KLA) has asked for immediate measures to be taken to avoid the consequences of cell tower radiation , and emphasised that assessments are needed to study the impact it has on the environment.

Mohammad Yusuf Targami, chairman of the CE has stressed that adequate and fast action has to be taken to minimize the blow it could have on the environment ie both humans and wildlife.

He focused on the need to frequently monitor the radiation, especially in and around the wildlife reserves and endangered areas.

At a conference regarding this issue, Mr. Targami had recommended the expert committee, represented by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, to do a research study on the possible dangers posed by mobile towers on wildlife and the ecosystem.

He also stressed on the need for preventive measures to be taken to decrease the chances of exposure as much as possible. He also called for educating people on the harms of mobile radiation, by putting up signs that carry messages about the harmful effects of mobile towers, and for the Environment and Forest Departments to host regular awareness drives so people are enlightened and adopt safe mobile usage practices in their daily lives.

He also ordered the Telecom and Mobitel mobile services to consult the Forest and Environment departments before they put up cell towers around endangered areas, and to construct future mobile towers with extreme caution so that they don’t barricade the flight paths of birds, and increase toxic radiation in the environment. He urged on the need for a policy to reduce the dangerous effects of cell towers.