Dentist Develops Brain Tumour from Mobile Phone Tower Next To His ClinicAmong the list of residents suffering from cancer due to radiation from cell phone towers, is a 30 year old dentist, Rakesh is in the fourth stage of brain tumour. Living in Andheri in Mumbai,India, he was diagnosed with cancer two months after his marriage in April. He now has only 14 months before saying goodbye to his loved ones.

His distressed wife Apoorva says, “His only wish was to be able to continue working in his clinic (in Vile Parle), but I won’t allow him to go there till the mobile phone tower is removed.” She further says, “My life is seeing the end even before it could begin.”

Rakesh used to spend more than 12 hours a day at the Hina Kunj on Church Road, which is the building under speculation, because right next to it is a telecom major’s power bill collection center, which has a cell phone tower on its first floor. Even though it has not been officially confirmed that cell phone towers do cause cancer, in Hina Kunj, along with Rakesh there are three other residents who are suffering from breast, urine and colon cancer.

In 2008, the residents tried to stop the construction of the tower by sending a letter to the telecom major with everyone’s consent. However, their letter was ignored. With the help of nearby educational institutions and civil officials, the residents have been opposing the tower installation aggressively┬á for many years.

The officials at the bill collection centre were directed by a civic notice on July 29, to remove the towers that were unauthorized in the time span of 15 days. The officials at the telecom company have said that they will consider the issue.