Dr. Oz reveals Cell phone-Cancer link on his showThe latest episode on Dr. Oz’s TV show may just tell us what we need to hear and not what we want to hear – that cell phones are inextricably linked with cancer.

Dr. John West – a breast cancer surgeon at Breastlink in Orange County, and founder of the ‘Be Aware Foundation’, recently travelled to New York City to film the upcoming episode of the show which focuses on cell phone-related breast cancer in young women.

The surgeon, whose foundation funds clinical research through a partnership with Breastlink, said the Dr. Oz show contacted him after linking him to Tiffany Frantz – the woman who drew wide media attention after being diagnosed with breast cancer upon storing her cell phone inside her bra.

It’s interesting to note that today, about 40% of college women keep their cell phones inside the bra and Dr. West points out that this is a hazardous practice, having reviewed Frantz’s radiology and pathology test results. He states that this raises concern to keep cell phones away from the skin of the body, and that suggestions by cell phone company also request users to keep the phone at least one-half inch or more away from any body part.

Dr. West has at the same time expressed his pleasure in seeing awareness being created about the link between cell phones and cancer, and urges the public to take this to heed.

“Dr. Oz asks good questions, and he will become a major advocate to get the word out about this issue. He wants to make the bra a ‘no-cell zone,’” Dr. West said.

“Be alert and follow some simple guidelines. This will put pressure on the scientific community to put more energy toward determining if this is safe. The old standards don’t apply. We need an update on safety guidelines.”, he added, reiterating the need to rethink about cell phones and cancer.

He also hopes that more women will go to his website at Be Aware Foundation to read up about self-examination of the breast.