Electromagnetic Radiation Poses Threat to RussiansNikolai Lesnikov, a citizen of Moscow, filed and successfully won a lawsuit in which he protested against a cell phone tower, that had been planted 20 meters away from his home, and wanted it removed. Recently, Russians have educated themselves about the impact that electromagnetic pollution has on the environment. But yet, no national program for learning and preventing this atrocity has been formed.

Lesnikov had filed his lawsuit against the mobile phone operator MTS late last year. He argued that the company had abused his right to a clean and safe environment. In his complaint, he asked the court to order the defendants to remove the tower, that was placed just 20 meters away from his country home in Moscow.

The MTS’s proxy in court put forward the fact that the radiation from all base stations obeyed the set rules and that the degree of radiation was much lesser than that from a microwave, a neon light or from radio and television transmitters.

In the end the verdict of the court was in the favour of Lesnikov. The MTS has been asked to bring down the tower within four months following the moment the decision takes effect.

The federal service for care in the world of communications and information technologies (Roskomnadzor) said it had revealed over 1,500 cases in which cell phone operators had gone against the established requirements for the parameters of radio-electronic devices. The supervision was launched after the growth in the amount of radio-electronic equipment all over the country started to increase rapidly, accompanying the latest innovations in communication and broadcasting technologies.

“Such complex signals as 4G may prove far more hazardous than the ones that have existed so far,” says Oleg Grigoriev, the chairman of the Russian National Committee for Protection from Non-Ionizing Radiation. He said that calculating the safety of the 4G signal with the methods they had were almost impossible. “No practical research has been conducted yet. Their safety is anyone’s guess. However, the current state of affairs as it is, an overwhelming majority of people just do not care.”

He says that Mobile phone base stations, since the past two years have essentially altered the electromagnetic position in large cities. Some scientists have started to rethink this situation as a major environmental problem in the near future.

“Whereas 20 years ago a tiny one percent of the urban population existed in a changed electromagnetic environment, now we can say the same about 90%. The level of electromagnetic radiation has been up with the growing number of base stations.”

Russia has a set of standards of the permitted levels of electromagnetic radiation specifying that the density of the electromagnetic energy flow that humans are exposed to should not go beyond 10 microwatts per square centimeter. Oleg Grigoriev believes that in a modern urbanized area such as Moscow, where the people are open to many other harmful factors, the rate should be decreased to 2-3 microwatts per one square centimeter.

The World Health Organization has put forward an official title “global electromagnetic pollution of the environment” and listed it as a prime concern. Also, there has come a special name “electromagnetic smog”, by analogy with air pollution.

Electromagnetic smog has been classified as one of the most powerful factors that affect the human body these days by some investigators. It has been confirmed that the electromagnetic radiation of all instruments worldwide that are man made go beyond the Earth’s own geomagnetic field millions of times.

The effects of radio signals on human health is currently being researched on. A large number of research have been held over the last 10 years. Occasionally they show very different results. The World Health Organization has changed its outlook on the influence of cell phones and base stations on humans.

The pollution of the environment by electromagnetic fields has vast magnitudes of danger all over Russia, experts say. Such radiation is given out by high voltage power lines, electricity-driven transport, radars, radio transmitters, PCs, household appliances, cell communication systems, industrial microwave systems etc.

It has been discovered that electromagnetic fields cause changes in blood plasma, affect the electrical conductivity of cells, erythrocytes and lymphocytes, by researchers at the Burdenko Medical Institute in Voronezh. A team of scientists at the Northwestern Research Institute of Hygiene and Public Health have examined people who, because of their employment, are forced to expose themselves to strong electromagnetic fields. It has been confirmed that in time they develop different kinds of neuroses and psychic dysadaptation.

Valentina Nikitina, a Doctor of Medical Science and an expert on the issue of electromagnetic fields, has discovered that electromagnetic fields cause diseases such as vegetovascular dystonia, hypertonic diseases, and atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis. However, these diseases happen only in those who are in regular exposure to these fields.

The rapid increase in many bizarre means of protection is becoming very common. Various sorts of bracelets and stickers are said to be able to prevent harmful electromagnetic radiation. Whether they are effective or not is a question left unanswered.

The ideas and tips put forward by scientists on how to protect oneself from electromagnetic pollution are very easy. A distance of one and a half meters is said to be maintained from a working TV set or a microwave, and an arm’s length away from the PC monitor. And try to turn off Wi-Fi routers at least during the night. As for cell phones, use them only when necessary.