Electrosensitive Refugees flee to Wi-Fi free townModern technology has become a source of illness for a lot of people, causing them to move to a remote town where Wi-fi is prohibited. More and more people are finding their way to small towns to relieve themselves of terrible symptoms caused by Wi-fi, which include burning skin, chest pains and excruciating headaches. Those who suffered from this pain referred to it as ‘Electromagnetic Sensitivity’.

Green Bank, West Virginia has become a safe haven for many Americans who have moved there to avoid exposure to radiation from cell phones, Wi-fi, Television and radio transmissions. A total of 36 people moved to  Green Bank in 2013. One such person was Diane Schou, who covered the distance of 1000 miles to join 147 residents of Green Bank from Iowa.

“In Iowa, most of the time I was sick. Whenever someone came near me with a mobile phone or a Wi-fi device, I would be in agonizing pain. But now when I have moved to Green Bank, I am feeling well,” stated¬† Diane.

Situated at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, Green Bank lies in the middle of the 13,000 square mile National Radio Quiet Zone. In order to prevent any interference with one of the largest telescopes in the world, cell phones, radio, TV transmitters and Wi-fi devices are banned here. This National Radio Astronomy Observatory telescope is the largest fully steerable radio telescope in the world.

In the UK and US, an approximate of 4% of the population suffer from EHS. Irrespective of the fact that 30 studies have been carried out to investigate this issue, only Sweden recognizes it as a medical condition. The residents of Sweden can claim social support if they suffer from EHS in the same way had they been suffering from other disabilities.

A 50 year old Deborah Cooney, former bank president also suffered from EHS while she was in San Diego, California. She referred to the whole experience being similar to ‘slow poisoning’. She started experiencing the symptoms in 2011, when her neighbor installed numerous Wi-fi smart meters. “It began with a constant ringing in my ears. I couldn’t sleep in the house anymore and felt sick all the time. Any food I brought into the house would make me feel ill. I got heart palpitations.It was like I was slowly being poisoned,” Deborah said.

It was not only her, her pet cat Mimi also fell ill due to the radiation from the smart meters. She said,”Even though Mimi was a house cat, she started staying away from home and one day, she never returned.”