French safety watchdog sniffing out cell phone-cancer linksIn a recent awakening of sense on the part of the authorities, a French safety watchdog has issued new recommendations regarding the use of cell phones by children. According to reports on The Telegraph, National Agency for Health and Environmental Safety – children have been advised to limit their use of cell phones, preferably to less than 40 minutes per day.

More than 300 scientific studies since 2009 were looked at and some of the studies suggested that heavy cell phone usage increased the risk of brain cancer. Due to the rapid rise in evidence showing strong links between cell phone usage and brain tumour formation, regulatory bodies and consumer organizations in the United States are also reviewing their standards for cell phone radiation.

Over the past, much debate has erupted over the link between cell phones and brain cancer and research has been bolted up and a few strong measures were taken. In May 2011, for example, cell phone radiation was re-classified as a possible carcinogenic by the WHO’s International Agency on Research for Cancer (IARC) – this has led to greater inter-phone study, which has led to the conclusion that 30 minutes of cell phone use per day was associated with a 40% risk for a type of brain tumour called ‘glioma’.

While Anses, France has taken reviewed cell phone radiation recommendations as recently as 2009, the US Federal Communications Commission has alarmingly not reviewed cell phone radiation standards since 1996. This fact calls upon the relevant authorities in the States to be more circumspect of the dangers that cell phones pose.

Compensation may be available for individuals who allegedly developed brain tumours from cell phones as the world takes on a greater stance toward the link between cell phones and cancer.