Leeds man's twenty year phone masts fightA master protester has his eyes on stopping a sixth mobile phone mast going up in his area in 20 years.

Roy Bowler, from Middleton, has again been spurred into action again by proposals to build an almost 12-metre-high mast in Ring Road, Middleton – this time outside Middleton Park Golf Club.

Last year Roy, 70, helped to stop Vodafone building a similar structure, with six antennas and an equipment cabinet, in the renovated Middleton Park Circus.

He said: “It’s all open with trees down there and you’re going to bang a 40ft phone mast there? It’s the situation that I object to – especially with the background.”

The proposals are for a radio base station comprising of a mast supporting 3G antennas and an equipment cabinet.

Mr Bowler is hoping for the 250 signatures he secured against last year’s proposal after knocking on doors and posting copies of his most recent petition in shops along Middleton Park Circus.

He said: “With the amount of people that have mobile phones you need more masts but they need to be in the right position. But once they’ve got one in Ring Road it wont stop and you’ll finish up with loads and I wouldn’t want that outside my home.”

He first started petitioning over plans in 1992, which proposed a 50ft mast beside Middleton Water Tower, Ring Road, Middleton. He has since helped to fend off five proposals.

Coun Geoff Driver (Lab, Middleton Park) said: “We think it is unseemly and unsightly.”

He said that he has seen a pre-application for another mast near Middleton Park Circus which could become an issue.

A Vodafone spokeswoman said: “We understand the local community has raised concerns regarding the development of this mobile phone base station. An alternative site on a local water tower was considered but Vodafone and the landlord could not reach agreement.”

Comments on the proposals should be made by March 23. Visit planningapplications.leeds.gov.uk and search for application 12/00783/DTM.