Parents must limit Children's Usage of Mobile Phones warns Federal health watchdogUsage of mobile phones among children have increased over the years and it would rather be an elusive concept to detect children with no mobile phones. Parents may find the ‘topic’ debatable as they may start believing its advantages such as progressive method of education, increase awareness of technology and satisfying the modern-day child with his trends and being socially acceptable. You could possibly add many more advantages on the list, however when one may concern the disadvantages, it is unmistakable to overlook the very threat of being exposed to a higher level of radiation. Therefore the direct impact that radiation causes on a growing human body will be an ill-fated cancer, more specifically Brain Cancer and other tumors such as ‘glioma’

Recently many consumer watch dog groups have raised this high level of hazardous threat that harms the very existence of children and their well-being. They have produced and distributed a sheet of facts among individuals who use and buy mobile phones. This has resulted to educate people and increase awareness on the relation between radiation and cell-phones. More interestingly the federal government health watchdog, Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) has issued a statement regarding the harmful effects of radio-frequency energy emission. While one may wonder at the large quantity of children that are exposed to this scene, more specifically the facts account as follows; one quarter of every 100 nine-year olds and three among four teenagers use mobile phones on a regular basis.

Hence ARPANSA unhesitatingly base their research on children and the high level of risk that they are faced by using mobiles and ‘smart-phones’ constantly. As these harmful radio-active waves emitted cause serious concern over children and their health, many concerned citizens and individuals have taken an interest to share their insinuations. Director of the Center for Family and Community Health at Berkeley’s School of Public Health, Mr. Joel Moskowitz has supported the scientific study that imply very danger of mobile-phones that facilitate this infliction.

As there are many other programs and research studies conducted in the world relating to this matter, one of the projects clearly standout. Project MOBi-KIDZ sponsored by the European Community’s Seventh Framework Program took a bold step to conduct their five-year extensive research project, ”Study on Communication Technology , Environment and  Brain Tumors in Young People”. Their research sample included 26 countries (as well as Australia and Monash Univeristy), up t0 1500-2000 ten to twenty four year olds and individuals who were with or without cancer. The research study advocates the affects of ‘ionizing radiation’ endangering children’s health and welfare causing numerous cancers from Brain Cancer to tumors.

This may hinder young people from their overall development and cause a deteriorating life condition that may end with unfortunate circumstances, possibly death itself. Hence instantaneous action is required. Although the solutions to this problem is simple. ARPANSA suggests placing the phones away from the head-region and usage of a barrier between the phone and the skin to avoid tactile connection. Restricting and limiting the children from the usage of cell-phones could also benefit and make a significant change in exposure.

While World Health Organization (WHO) identifies this type of radio-frequency emission is similar to other categories human carcinogens such as diesel-engine exhaust to pesticides, it raises the question, have we taken enough procurement and measures to prevent this imperil? Dr. Devra Davis, the Environmental Health Trust Expert acknowledges that if we do not let a child play with diesel engine-exhaust or some pesticide, yet we would handover phones with much ease.

The message is clear and the steps to be taken are identified. It is the ‘action’ that are left to parents, caregivers and other guardians. Young people must be saved from this harmful radiation related consequences.