Preventing breast cancer by not storing cell phones in brasIt is often found that women keep their mobile phones in their bras for mere convenience.  Dr Oz talks about the consequences of this act in the episode of the Dr. Oz Show on the Aug 26. He explained how this could lead to breast cancer. Dr. Oz told that nowadays, bras have become the new carriers of women’s cell phones replacing the need for a purse. However, what women don’t know is that they are unknowingly putting themselves in danger.

On Dr. Oz’s show, a 21 year old Tiffany Frantz was the guest who developed breast cancer in 2011. This came as a shock to Ms. Frantz and her mother as Tiffany was apparently a healthy girl and no one in her family had ever been diagnosed with breast cancer. It turned out that Tiffany had been carrying her mobile phone in her bra all day long, for four years.

A cancerous growth had developed in that specific area of her breast where she had  kept her cell phone. To make sure that this disease was not genetic, tests were run and they came out as negative. This showed that Tiffany was not prone to cancer, the reason behind the disease was the link between cell phone and cancer.

Tiffany underwent a surgery, along with a radiation treatment on March 2012 for the removal of her left breast, as reported by KTVU. However, that was not the end. It was discovered on February 2013 that her cancer had spread to her hip. Her doctor explained that her spine, pelvic bone, ribs and skull were affected with cancerous lesions. Tiffany had to go through the radiation treatment once more. Now, she relies on cancer drugs and intravenous bone-building treatments.

It has now been publicly declared by Tiffany’s oncologist that keeping the cell phone in her bra was the cause of Tiffany’s breast cancer, nonetheless a link between the two has been further affirmed by a couple of young women who faced the same condition. Frantz and her mother know for sure that her cancer was caused by her mobile phone.

The dangers of mobiles and Wi-Fi’s have been discussed by Dr. Andrew Weil on a recent episode of Dr. Oz’s Show. In his view, the electromagnetic radiation which mobiles and Wi-Fi’s emit do not have a solid relationship with cancer, though they do happen to affect our health negatively. To protect yourself from their negative consequences, Dr. Weil advises us to not put our cell phones near our head, giving preference to the use of ear piece and positioning the WI-Fi router away from the bedroom.

Mobiles are known to produce heat which aids in cell damage, increasing chances for cancer. Due to these reasons, Dr. Oz recommended that women should not keep their mobiles in their bras. Not just this, it is advised that no one should ever put their cell phones anywhere on their bodies for long periods of time.