Radiation from unauthorised smart meters is life threateningFor 6 years, Virginia Farver, a resident of Fort Collins, has been asking for the provision of safety and protection from EMR. Her son died as a result of brain cancer and the doctor suspected that cell phone radiation caused it. Farver says, “I don’t own one anymore and I do not have Wi-fi in my home and I try to avoid this stuff as much as possible, which has led me into this smart-meter fight.”

Many people, along with Farver, are against the forcible installation of smart meters by utility companies which help in monitoring the energy consumption. Despite all the protests against the installation of a wireless meter, Fort Collins Power and Light came to Farver’s house in March, with the police to set up the meter.

According to the utility company’s representative, the smart meters are read manually and are incapable of broadcasting anything.

A member of the EMR Action Day, Susan Clark, conducted a research on the biological effects of radio frequency radiation at Harvard University. She believes that it is possible to live a life that does not include cell phones and Wifi. She stated, “People find that they sleep better, they feel so much better, they can think better, remember better, and their behavior is actually better too. We all act, let’s say, in a more kind and loving way toward each other when we’re not bombarded by unnatural electromagnetic radiation.”

Farver plans to get a radiation shield for her smart meter, though she can’t do anything to protect herself from all the others in the neighbourhood.

According to the Energy Policy Act of 2005, smart meters should only be installed at the request of the customers. However, this is not being followed.

Farver says, “This is what’s happening across the nation.” She further says,” They are not telling anybody about these, they are just coming through the night and basically within a few days get all these meters installed before anybody¬† really realizes what’s going on.”

Rich Farver, Virginia’s son was one of eight students at San Diego State University campus between 2008-2010 to die of brain cancer. All of them worked and lived very close to the same cell phone tower.