Radiation Watchdog calls for Limitation on Cellphone use by ChildrenAn increased usage of mobile phones by children is now seen as a growing trend. It is even more astonishing to see young children being affected by brain cancer. A link has been developed between the two trends and due to this, Australia has issued a warning with the help of federal government health watchdog, Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).

A warning by the consumer watchdog has been issued and circulated in a fact sheet among the groups that were interested in buying and using cell phones. This warning is to do with the threat to the children due to cell phone radiation.

A study found that more than 25% of nine year olds and 3 out of 4 teenagers have regular access to a cell phone. It is recommended by the ARPANSA that parents should keep a check on the usage of mobile phones by their kids. Inadequate research exists in this problem area, but it is still sufficient to raise concerns from those people who take their children’s health seriously. Joel Moskowitz, a director of the Center for Family and Community Health at Berkeley’s School of Public Health believes that there is a relationship¬† between mobile phone exposure and the growing rate of cancer. However, further research is required.

A research organization, European Community’s Seventh Framework Program agreed to this and funded the MOBI-KIDS project. This project stated on their website that this “is an international case-control study which aims to assess the potential associations between use of communication devices and other environmental risk factors and brain tumors in young people.”

The study engaged 26 countries, including Australia and MONASH University, participants aged between 10 to 24, an approximate of 20000 youngsters and people having or not having brain tumors. This study is logical as brain tumors are also one of the major causes of cancers, along with leukemia. Such cancers due to the use of mobile phones among children, are increasing rapidly.

Decreasing children’s exposure to mobile phone radiation is a relatively easier solution than solutions ¬†to other complex problems. ARPANSA advises that this can be done by keeping the cell phones away from the head and by using your thumb as a hindrance between the phone and the ear. Children are more exposed to mobile phone radiation as they have smaller brains, which have higher density of conductive tissue than adult, this increases radiation absorbed by three fold. Therefore, it is important to keep the phones away from the children.

The World Health Organization has declared cell phone radiation to be a probable carcinogen just as diesel engine exhaust, pesticides and some heavy metals are. Dr. Devra Davis, a part of the Environmental Health Trust says, “When we do not let our children play with pesticides, heavy metals and diesel engine exhaust, I do not understand why people let their children play with mobile phones.”

This is a wake-up call for all the parents who should now act upon keeping their children safe from cell phone radiation.