Reputed Scientists Claim EMF Exposure Destroys HealthAs much as 8 million people become victims of cancer and die each year. On the other hand, 17 million people died from cardiovascular disease in 2011. With the increasing death count, Dr. Panagopoulus of the University of Athens, Associate Prof. Johansson of the Karolinska Institute and Dr. Carlo of the Science and Public Policy Institute are alarmed by the situation. According to these three scientists, EMF exposures below the safety levels are having a big impact on public health.

It was discovered through a new study that the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), a method of measuring EMF, is not suitable any more. This is because SAR is capable of measuring the heating effect of technologies that emit radiation, like microwaves, mobiles and wireless phones, etc. Numerous studies have detected negative biological effects at low radiation levels where a thermal effect is observed.

The consequences of using SAR to measure exposure, as per Dr. Carlo are:

  • “Studies which show ‘no effect’ are likely ‘false negatives’.”
  • “Studies that show an effect are likely under-reporting the true risk.”

He further says, “this imprecision shakes the foundation of the science that we are using to sort out the full range of non-ionizing radiation health effects.”

It is time that we moved ahead and decided whether or not EMF adversely affects public health. EMF has been classified as carcinogenic (Group 2B carcinogen) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). The strength of EMFs has been discussed in the latest research paper, “For waves emitted by a supposed unidirectional antenna, it takes about 10 human bodies in sequence in order to be totally absorbed.”

The works of Dr. Carlo, Professor Johansson and Dr. Panagopoulos in the field of scientific research have been subjected to ridicule by their colleagues. Yet, their scientific evidence is unimpeachable.

EMF research has been contaminated with research bias and funding. A meta-analysis of 2005 on cell phone studies has shown how funding can create partiality in research findings. This became clearer when the research findings were compared with sources of funding. The findings of studies that were funded by the industry showed lower brain tumor risks, whereas a greater risk was detected in non-industry funded studies.

The dangers of EMF do not extend to cell phone users only. It affects everyone, irrespective of their age. It poses great chances for one to develop leukemia and AD, as well as autism, neurological effects, DNA changes, reproductive and behavioral issues, specific kinds of cancers and variation in blood-brain barrier.

Avoiding EMF exposure is not that much of a difficult task. A few ways in which one can ensure protection from EMF are by sending text messages instead of making phone calls, switching onn the airplane mode when the cell phone is not in use, removing electrical devices from your room and setting up hard-wired connections in place of Wifi.

Once you take these steps, it will save you from the health consequences that stem from EMF exposure.