Researchers Say WiFi Routers Are Hazardous To HealthEver since wireless internet was introduced, browsing the web has become extremely handy and hassle free, without any unsightly, cumbersome wiring running across rooms and  sticking out of the browsing device. Recent research has exposed the price that comes with this modern convenience. In particular, the hazards that the global use of wireless technology poses on our well-being. To put it simply, people have misjudged and are ignorant of the extent to which WiFi can harm them.

The most serious problem is being exposed to the WiFi radiation 24/7. Most wireless users never turn off their WiFi routers. This means that they keep on producing a harmful electromagnetic energy field throughout the day, month and maybe even year. This makes it a very serious chronic health risk. But the problem doesn’t cease by switching off your router. To be more specific, if you take a look at the wireless connections accessible in your area, in your device’s Wi-Fi network browsing tool, you’ll see your neighbour’s connections. All these EMF fields combine to form a stronger field around you, so even if you switch off your wireless, your health and well-being is still at risk due to your neighbour’s signals.

The effects of WiFi on health are becoming more common. Some of them are listed below:
– Insomnia
– Lack of concentration
– Heart palpitations
– Headaches/migraines
– Persistent fatigue
– Negative thinking
– Digestive problems
– Brain fog and loss of memory
– Anxiety and depression
– Chronic stress
– De-motivation
– Dizziness

People who have complained of these symptoms also felt an instant turnabout when their WiFi routers were disabled, or by removing themselves to a WiFi free environment.

Here are some the symptoms the patients felt after the removal of wireless technology:
– Feeling clearer and lighter
– Feeling “uplifted” in the emotional, physical, and mental bodies
– More motivated
– Feeling happier
– Feeling more peaceful

Apparently, the usage of WiFi poses a very dangerous risk to our health and well-being. It is time for action to be taken and for everybody to be educated about the dangers of wireless technology. Switching back to Ethernet cables and turning off WiFi routers is a start to taking back control of our health and future.