Royal Society Peer Reviewers Expose the Truth About Cellphone Safety Panel CanadaHealth Canada submitted its Safety Limits for Exposure to Radiofrequency Fields report to the Royal Society on the 1st of April 2014. The panel continued with its report even when highly conflicted academics were selected for the review panel, and three of them were already replaced due to a conflict of interest that was disclosed in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. It was obvious from the report that Canada’s radiation safety limits would not change.

Although, it was made clear by the Secretary of Expert Panels, Geoffrey Flynn, that the conflicts would be exposed in the review, it did not happen. He had said, “With respect to the points of view and potential conflicts of interest of the panel members, these are largely known to us, were carefully reviewed at the first meeting of the panel, and will be published with the panel report.”

However, the Report’s official peer reviewers say that something is missing from the report. They claim that the Royal Society said that its “survey of the evidence” is in full support of the fact that wireless radiation is not harmful, only because the panel did not look into the science that suggests that it is unsafe.

An in depth observation of the real controversy behind the Royal Society’s “expert” review panel was carried out by the two reviewers. They concluded that all evidence that supports the claim that humans are negatively affected by cell towers, cell phones, smart meters, Wi-fi and cordless phones has been ignored by the science experts in Canada.

The two whistle-blowers Dr Anthony B. Miller, MD and Dr Martin Blank, Phd are highly eminent scientists in the fields of human cellular biology and the environmental causes of Cancer in our society.