This apartment in Oshawa, Canada, has a stray voltage reading of more than 100mG on a Gauss meter, which measures electromagnetic fields. In a normal household the Gauss meter should show 0 to 2mG. Living in such a high magnetic field is highly dangerous to health, and the residents Russ and Katherine Loader have been experiencing severe health effects. Russ got sores on his ankles that wouldn’t clear up, they both experienced severely swollen feet, depression and other painful symptoms.

Dr Magda Havas from Trent University has run her own investigations on the Loader’s apartment. She says that the magnetic fields are present even when the power to the apartment unit is turned off. She demonstrates this by using the voltage in the room when the power is off, to light up a small bulb.

The Loaders are convinced that their ill health and pain is caused by the stray voltage in their apartment, hence they have filed a case against the building’s management company. The management company refused to comment, but earlier they had sent a letter saying they don’t believe the EMF fields could possibly cause any health issues. Meanwhile the Loaders have decided to move out.

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