T-Mobile Covers Up Disadvantageous Mobile Phone  StudyAccording to a scientist, the mobile operator, T-Mobile covered up the findings of a study that showed a link between cell phone radiation and an increased probability of developing cancer. T-Mobile commissioned a German research organization, the Ecolog Institute, in 2000, which has been observing the impact of cell phone on the health of the masses since 1992.

Dr. Peter Neitzke, who also took part in the initial report  claimed that when T-Mobile realized that the findings of the research were going to adversely affect their company, they commissioned three more studies that were more likely to show that electromagnetic radiation posed no danger to humans. Dr. Peter Neitzke revealed this in his report and his study was made available only in Germany, but now the Human Ecological Soical Economic Project (HESE) has also gained access to it.

The conclusion of the Ecolog study was: ‘Given the results of the present epidemiological studies, it can be concluded that electromagnetic fields with frequencies in the mobile telecommunications range do play a role in the development of cancer. This is particularly notable for tumours of the central nervous system.’

Talking to the Daily Mail, T-Mobile told, ‘It was the aim of T-Mobile to engage four different institutes with the same questions to guarantee an independent ¬†and objective discussion. All the institutes and people involved are well known and respected experts.’

This article was published in the Ecologist April 2007.