PrintClinical Neurophysiology, a peer-reviewed journal has revealed that an exposure of 30 minutes to LTE (Long Term Evolution) cellphone radiation affects activity in both sides of the brain. For experimentation, 18 participants were exposed to LTE radio frequency waves for 30 minutes to see the effects on their right ear. A distance of 1cm was maintained between the ear and the source of radiation. The level of radiation absorbed by the brain fell within the international (ICNIRP) cellphone legal limits. The researchers also set up a double blind, crossover, randomized experiment while exposing the participants to both real and fake exposures to eliminate biases from the study.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was used to measure the resting state brain activity of the participants at two instances; one, before being exposed to LTE radio frequency radiation and the other, after being exposed to a sham radiation.

The findings of the experiment were that LTE 4G radio frequency radiation has an impact on the brain’s neural activity. It affects the closer brain region, as well as the remote region , including the left hemisphere of the brain.

The importance of this study comes from two things; it is the first study that observes LTE’s and 4G’s short-term effects, and it shows the significance of the adopting this technology.

The Global Mobile Suppliers Association believes that “LTE is the fastest developing mobile system technology ever.” In the world’s LTE market, US is the largest. There were a total of 91 million subscribers by March 2013. More than half of these, approximately 47 million, were American 4G subscribers.

This study observes the short term effects of LTE radio frequency radiation. The long term effects, however, still need to be studied. Though, there are some already existing links between these exposures to biological effects, including sperm damage, DNA breaks, increased glucose in the brain, weakened bones, genetic stress, immune system dysfunction and effects on unborn children. More serious diseases that are caused by these exposures are autism, brain tumors, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and brainĀ  cancer.

Further research is required on the impacts of LTE radiation exposure and various other types of cellphone radiation, although we already have compelling evidence.